what if today(friday, the 15th) kurt doesn’t go to classes. he doesn’t even leave his room, let alone the loft. he doesn’t text anyone, doesn’t talk to rachel when she leaves. doesn’t communicate with anyone.

instead he pulls out a box from under his bed and spends the day going through it, looking at wedding magazine clippings, photos, movie ticket stubs, a receipt from a diner that had really great cheesecake. and underneath all that is a little ring box and in that ring box is a crinkled gum wrapper ring and he doesn’t even take it out of the box in fear of damaging it further, just runs his fingers over it gently and doesn’t even notice he’s crying until he feels the tears drip off his chin. 

and then his phone vibrates with a text and he jumps and almost drops everything in his lap and he reaches over for it and sees blaine’s name pop up and hundreds of miles away blaine is in the same situation. he didn’t go to school, he spent the day in bed looking over all the pictures on his nightstand and the ones on his phone and playing a playlist on his laptop that he and kurt created over the summer of ‘101 songs that we love’ and all the while he’s clutching margaret thatcher dog to his chest and he doesn’t even think when he sends off that text, just a simple <3 and he doesn’t even expect a reply to his silly little text heart. kurt’s probably busy with school or with him to even be thinking of his anniversary with his ex, but when kurt sends back another <3 followed a few seconds later by skype tonight? blaine can’t help but feel something akin to hope flutter in his chest.