Glee Q&A


Pick a season:

  1. Five best episodes
  2. Five worst episodes
  3. Three best characters
  4. Three worst characters
  5. Three best plot points or arcs
  6. Three worst plot points or arcs
  7. Three best scenes
  8. Three worst scenes
  9. Five best songs or performances
  10. Five worst songs or performances
  11. Three songs or performances that surprised you
  12. Best solo
  13. Worst solo
  14. Best duet
  15. Worst duet
  16. Best trio (or as Kurt would put it, “singing thruple”) or group performance
  17. Worst trio or group performance
  18. Best new character
  19. Worst new character
  20. Best minor character
  21. Worst minor character
  22. Plot point you would like to change (and how)
  23. Best guest star or cameo
  24. Worst guest star or cameo
  25. Three best cameos by a costume or prop
  26. Three best quotations
  27. Three best WTF moments
  28. Three worst WTF moments
  29. Best “fourth wall? What fourth wall?” moment
  30. Three moments when you wanted to strangle/kiss Ryan Murphy
  31. Favorite fanfic or art from this season
  32. Fanfic wish or request based on this season
  33. Best fandom moment
  34. Favorite fandom joke or trope from this season
  35. Worst fandom joke or trope from this season
  36. Unpopular opinion about this season 
  37. Plot point or character you would like to see return
  38. What do you miss the most about this season?
  39. What do you hope we never see again?
  40. Tell us a story about your fandom experience during this season
Title: Defying Gravity
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Give me an episode of Glee and I’ll rank the songs it featured.


“We’re just friends”