"She brought out this humor in him, and he brought out this depth in her. There was a magical quality about them. Andrew has an ability to do emotional gravity really well. Emma’s presence is so light. Put them together and they had spontaneous grounded realism. They were so naturalistic. They never fake things." - Marc Webb


GET TO KNOW ME MEME[2/10] male characters → andy dwyer

“I typed your symptoms into the thing up here and it says you could have network connectivity problems.”

DarrenCriss: Wanna get into some… Trouble?! AHHHH!!!!! Tune into the #iHeartRadio festival tonight on The CW at 8pmPST sponsored by iHeartRadio


I am going to print this out, laminate it, and keep it with my gloves and spade.

You cannot overstate, I don’t think, the impact of a show like Glee has on a generation.

  • french teacher: ça va?
  • me: ça va HELLA, et toi?



 # literally heart eyes # ur so annoying (✿♥‿♥) # ur so dumb (✿♥‿♥) # ur so ridiculous (✿♥‿♥) # definitely not even in to u one bit (✿♥‿♥) # (✿♥‿♥)(✿♥‿♥)(✿♥‿♥)(✿♥‿♥)(✿♥‿♥) 

Has anyone in this family ever even seen a chicken?


I really enjoy Adam Scott struggling not to smile at Amy Poehler’s hilarity.